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Thursday Afternoon Update

As many of you know, I’m down in North Carolina on a little R&R (vacation) and have spent quite a bit of time catching up with family, friends, and my RSS feeds.  There are a few things I’d like to address with this post:

  • Contact Form – If you have tried contacting me through the “contact form” on this blog and didn’t get a response, please try submitting again.  I realized that my mail-que was building and we had to delete all contact form responses.  The form has been fully updated and is hosted by a 3rd party so that I will receive all inquiries.
  • – Last night, I soft launched, a project (not a business) to get many thought leaders to participate and write-in their predictions.   There is a wish list of folks we’d like to have participate but YOU should participate as well.  Check it out.
  • Outerbanks Pics – I uploaded some of our NC pictures to Flickr.  I love the pic of the BBQ sandwich.  Sherri has been blogging about our trip over on HermanWeb.

Back in NYC on Monday…