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Advertising Network Rates Declining

I subscribe to the MarketingCharts email newsletter and they reported that online advertising network rates are declining.  Below are some key statistics from the story but to read all the details, click here.

  • Across all websites, the range of eCPMs was $0.002 to $18.45.
  • Among verticals‚Ķ
    • Social networking led the plunge with monetization dropping 47%, from 37 cents in March to 19 cents in April, below January lows of 22 cents.
    • Entertainment monetization dropped 17%, from 40 cents in March to 33 cents in April.
    • Gaming and Sports were down marginally (4% and 5%, respectively).
    • Technology remained relatively flat at 83 cents in April vs. 82 cents in March – but is still off January highs of 92 cents.
  • In April 2008, 77% of small websites garnered net publisher eCPMs from ad networks of under $1.00, compared with 95% of medium websites and 100% of large websites.

Additionally, check out PubMatic’s AdPrice Index.

Lightspeed 2007 Predictions

I’ve been following Lightspeed Venture Partners as they are an early stage VC fund with over $1.0Bln in committed capital in the US, Asia, and Israel. Some companies that Lightspeed have funded were DoubleClick, Blue Nile, eHealth, Rhythm NewMedia, and Pivot 3 amongst others. In this post, I’m going to highlight a few of their thoughts from their 2007 predictions that were posted back on January 1, 2007.

  1. E-commerce 2.0 arrives
  2. Social network widgets find a business model
  3. Lead generation breaks into new categories
  4. Social networking finally becomes a feature
  5. News of TV’s death is greatly exaggerated
  6. Software as a service gets customer facing

Would love to hear your thoughts on their forecasts… I agree with them on #2; there are many widgets that exist without any monetization strategy… there needs to be a revenue model or they heading to the Dead Pool.