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Gaming comes back to the Mac

Back in the day when we had the Apple computers, my favorite video game was Oregon Trail. I remember sitting in 3rd grade, racing across the country getting typhoid, having my cattle stolen, and finding gold. Those were the glory days. A few years later, Myst was released for the Mac and it was one of the most beautiful games ever released (IMHO). I remember playing the puzzle game for hours upon hours…. then suddenly, something happened:

Apple left the video game space… or better yet, developers left Appe b/c it was too expensive to make games for the Macintosh (not enough sales to justify the cost).

It’s now June 11, 2007 and today, Steve Jobs has announced that Electronic Arts will be developing games for the Macintosh platform. At the World Wide Developers Conference, Bing Gordon, co-founder of Electronic Arts (ERTS) got on stage and announced a few upcoming titles for the Mac: C&C3, Battlefield 2142, NFS Carbon, and in July, Harry Potter (Phoenix).

Apple EA

I am extremely excited. Apple is increasing their market share (and their valuation is showing this) and has lots of room to grow. The Intel chipset has allowed them to level the playing field with Redmond (Microsoft) and really take gigantic leaps.

Apple is positioned well. They have an operating system that works, hardware that is beautiful, peripheral devices such as the iPod that have significant traction, software that is universal (iTunes), and a to-be-released phone that is estimated to grow their company, +$10B. Are their competitors this well rounded? I’d argue no… and Apple can only grow… the have tons of market share to steal.

This is Apple’s resurgence back into the market. The video game industry should take them seriously as the Apple reach is increasing quarter over quarter.

I’ll be buying a few Apple/EA games for our house… sorry Sherri, but the games are calling!

Apple Inc., no longer Apple Computer

Apple Inc.This will probably get drowned out in all the coverage about Apple (which includes the launch of their beautiful iPhone which I’ll blog about when every other blog stops gallivanting about it) but I think Apple dropping “Computer” from their name is monumental, even more so than their latest phone.

Apple does not want to be known as a computer company any longer. Yes, they create amazing and beautiful computers, but they also have a huge product lineup and extensions that go away from the typical MacBook Pro. iTunes has had 2 billion songs downloaded, iPhone is now here (the voicemail feature sounds phenomenal), and iLife is changing the way people use their computer.
I’m excited at the prospects of Apple Inc.’s future and I look forward to seeing them grab more market share of the industry and give Microsoft, Google, and others a run for their money.

Also, there is something very interesting to note…. Steve Jobs is NOT wearing black. Wow. It’s a new day for Apple.