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It's Back: Ramblings

For a short while, I had a tab up at the top of this blog labeled “Ramblings.” This tab was for a Tumblr page of mine which I had neglected to update… until recently. It’s officially back but until we figure out how to fit it into the design of the blog, it’ll be accessible from the “My Favorites” area or by going to http://dherman.tumblr.com directly.

I like to use the Ramblings area for qoutes/pictures or other interesting things I find… generally, they are much shorter and w/o analysis… which is what the front page of this blog is for.

You can officially access Ramblings here.


Overheard at CES 2008: Quotes from Industry Leaders

“Rather than us go to the internet, the internet’s going to come to us.” Otellini says the next generation of the internet will be “proactive, predictive, context aware.” – Paul Otellini, Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation

“The company has 10 million customers, many on a $49/year plan.” – Robbie Bach on Xbox Live’s subscriptions

“At Yahoo we want to be most essential starting point for your life,” and “take the complexity of the Web and simplify your life through very powerful technologies.” – Jerry Yang, Chief Executive Officer, Yahoo!

“TVs are “digital hearths.”” – Toshihiro Sakamoto, President of Panasonic AVC Networks

“Sometimes people are first drawn in by the game, and then they stay for the people they meet there. In Neverwinter Nights, we got a letter from a woman who was abused by her husband and was a virtual prisoner in her own home. Her player friends who she opened up to encouraged her to get out, and she made it to a shelter, and then sent us a letter about how the game and her friends hand changed her life. The social power is the real power beyond what we create as designers even though we might like to think differently.” – Stormfront Studios president and CEO Don Daglow

“We have 6 publishers for our game. 2 for us and Europe, and 4 for Asia. It is’nt just about languages, but about unique content. We have 2 SKUs and 8 languages in Europe. We have 30 builds and 30 SKUs for Asia. It’s an incredible amount of work, and you need to be extremely careful picking your partners.” – Flagship Studios’ business development director and general counsel Steve Goldstein