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My Inspiration As A Person/Entrepreneur

I am a reader of PSFK and recently, Piers wrote a posting asking people to upload photos to Flickr and tag them a certain way about what inspires them. Immediately after I read that PSFK posting, I wrote Piers and we recently sat down in Soho over a great sushi lunch and spoke about a number of things, one of them being inspiration. With that said, this is my take on inspiration and what inspires me as a resident of planet Earth.

Before we go into my actual inspiration, we need to define it. I’ve been known to make up words (people who play Scrabble with me hate it!) but for a common ground, lets use‘s definition: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. As an entrepreneur, I have to constantly come up with new and solid ideas. The ideas may be about a new business, partnership, website copy, investor pitch, fundraising strategy, or even blog posting (amongst many other things). When I’m charged with coming up with an idea and I’m in the office, I’m usually marginally successful. My best thinking comes from being outside the office – in the gym, on a nature walk, at a concert, in an art gallery, and other places. Why? Because I’m not focused on the end goal of the task; I’m doing something else and my mind is fresh and open.

There are certain images and places in this world that make me extremely happy and I look to them for inspiration. I’ve chosen a bunch of pictures and created a slideshow from them. These are a schmear of what I view as my inspiration… though there are many other things as well. Click the picture below to see the slideshow… (a new window may open depending on your browser).

Yobel Parra - Inspiration Image

What is your inspiration? Where do you turn? In the comments, post your thoughts! Lets start a dialogue.