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Apple Inc., no longer Apple Computer

Apple Inc.This will probably get drowned out in all the coverage about Apple (which includes the launch of their beautiful iPhone which I’ll blog about when every other blog stops gallivanting about it) but I think Apple dropping “Computer” from their name is monumental, even more so than their latest phone.

Apple does not want to be known as a computer company any longer. Yes, they create amazing and beautiful computers, but they also have a huge product lineup and extensions that go away from the typical MacBook Pro. iTunes has had 2 billion songs downloaded, iPhone is now here (the voicemail feature sounds phenomenal), and iLife is changing the way people use their computer.
I’m excited at the prospects of Apple Inc.’s future and I look forward to seeing them grab more market share of the industry and give Microsoft, Google, and others a run for their money.

Also, there is something very interesting to note…. Steve Jobs is NOT wearing black. Wow. It’s a new day for Apple.

Vertical Search

There are many people who try and tell you to not be all things to all people. I’m one of those folks. When building a business, I recommend to try and stay as focused as possible and then add line extensions or new product enhancements after a core has been built.

In the search world, Google, Yahoo!, Ask, Kanoodle, Excite, and Lycos (and any other search engine) focuses on an all encompassing search. Use Yahoo to search for “Britney Spears” or “angel investing”, two totally different topics. A trend we are seeing now in the industry is quite the opposite: vertical search.

What is vertical search?  Wikipedia defines vertical search: Vertical search, part of a larger subgrouping known as “specializedâ€? search, is a relatively new tier in the Internet search industry consisting of search engines that focus on specific businesses.

Redeye VC, otherwise known as, Josh Kopelman, Managing Director of First Round Capital, talks about how Google is making a significant move into the vertical search marketplace by facilitating niche searches on its current platform. It’s an extremely interesting post on his blog and I highly recommend checking it out.

Mayer, Meeker, and Warrior Discuss The Future

I subscribe to many different magazines ranging from The Deal to Fortune, and Spin to Mens Health. In the gym last week, I was reading the November 13 issue of Fortune and focused on the article, The Net’s Next Phase. Interestingly enough, this article was based on a panel from Fortune’s Powerful Women Summit, not your typical article written by testosterone infused gentlemen (myself included).

The four panelists were Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post), Marissa Mayer (Google VP of Search Products & User Experience), Padmasree Warrior (CTO, Motorola), and Mary Meeker (Morgan Stanley Internet analyst).

There were many interesting quotes from this article and I tried to put together a few: Continue reading