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Ava and Dad

Trading the Work Grid for the Family Grid

This past week, I took my family to the Outerbanks for a beach vacation.  It was actually the first time my two kids flew on an airplane and it was quite the experience (they did well, FYI).

I made it a point to be “off the work grid.”  While I uploaded some Instagram photos and updated Facebook every now and then, I did less work this vacation than on any of my previous ones.

While I was off the “work” grid, I was on the “family” grid.  It felt amazing – bonding with my kids and wife and some other family and friends who came down with us.

I traded in emails, meetings, vendor pitches, startup pitches, subways, commutes, business lunches for Candyland, donuts, trolley rides, and sandcastles.  The associated smiles were priceless.

I urge any and all of you to shut off every now and again.  I’m juiced and charged and ready for what lies ahead for the remainder of 2012.

We Are New York Tech Features a Herman

One of the sites I check out each morning is WeAreNYTech, a site which highlights different people each day that are part of the NY tech scene. Yes, it’s a little fit pumping and a little chest beating, but who doesn’t enjoy that every once in a while.

When I went to the site today, I saw a very familiar face.  A face that I grew up playing video games with, fighting around the house, traveling the USA, and getting into arguments about Rangers vs. Devils.  I also used to throw cold water on him in the shower.  Yes, my brother Kenny.  Kenny has been featured by WeAreNYTech as he’s the VP of Business Development for uber hot startup, SinglePlatform.

It’s a big day for Kenny and I couldn’t be happier for him.  He’s awesome – one of the most charismatic, kind, means-well, person you could ever meet and he’s getting some nice recognition.  He’s been known to dance on tables at clubs I hear, but he’s pretty tame most of the time.

Congrats Kenny.

-Your Proud Brother

A Night to Remember

I met Sherri and my folks last night ontop of the Port Authority and hopped into our car and drove to IZOD Arena (the new Continental Airlines Arena) to see the infamous Dave Matthews Band.  I was excited for two main reasons:  the boys are back in town and it was my father’s first DMB concert and he finally got to see them after 14 years of me talking about them.  I was ecstatic to share the experience with them.

We got to the arena in a breeze and made it inside for the second song of Robert Randolph & the Family Band, the popular choice for the opening slot for DMB.  I’ve not been a fan of their latest work but really enjoyed RRTFB back when they wrote “The March.”

When DMB hit the stage, the night really started.  The crowd was a bit older than I had anticipated which was really welcome and they were fairly vocal.  Throughout the night, duets between the band and crowd were common and the band treated the crowd to some oldies (#41, Ants Marching, All Along the Watchtower, Dreaming Tree, Jimmy Thing, Grey Street) and some new songs (Eh Heh, A Dream So Real, Round and Round, etc).  Fantastic set list.  A great mixture of new/old.

The band suprised me and everyone else with the Doobie Brothers’ Black Water.  Awesome song and it came out early in the set which got the crowd on their feet and dancing.

I barely sat all night and was so excited to share this experience with my folks (and of course, Sherri).  The band was ON and Leroi especially had a pronounced role.  I wrote in the past about the Power of the Music Experience and it was certainly validated last night.

Robert Randolph (RRFTB) and Eric Krasno (Soulive) also got to sit in with the band on All Along the Watchtower and #41 respectively.

It's Official…

Sherri & DarrenSherri and I tied the knot this weekend in front of about 250 of our closest friends and family. We’re extremely excited that we could share this special event with people who flew in from all over the globe including Africa, Europe, Vancouver, California, Austin, Florida, and many other places.

I was totally disconnected from the Internet for about 24 hours on Saturday as the groomsmen took my iPhone away during a photoshoot and didn’t let me have it back until early this morning…. and I didn’t feel any sense of digital withdrawl. Can’t say that too often!

What I absolutely loved was that people would come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy reading HermanWeb.us (mostly Sherri) and this blog. Blogs are an efficient way to communicate and allows us to stay in touh with family and friends from all over. The feedback that we received was excellent! Thank you to all of our readers.

Sherri has posted a nice recap of the weekend here and I’ve uploaded some crowdsourced photos to my flickr account. Professional photos will be deliverd in a few weeks but these should suffice for now.In The Air

We’ll be leaving September 2 for two weeks to explore the whitewater of the Grand Canyon, the lizards and animals of Yosemite, the river in Zion, and the beautiful scenery of Bryce. Of course we’ll be making stops in Vegas and at the Boulders in Arizona for a bit of pampering, but we’re looking forward to a significant portion of our honeymoon outdoors. Due to the trip, posting will be extremely light for those 2 weeks.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to make last night the most memorable evening of our lives!

The Blogging Duo

Watch out Fred and JoAnne, there is a new blogging couple on the block… Sherri and I are diving deep into the blogosphere over at HermanWeb and will use that as a portal for the future of the Herman family (email, news, etc).

I will also be writing over at HermanWeb for my personal related posts and so forth and leave DarrenHerman for posts related to marketing, advertising, media, startups and technology. I encourage everyone to leave feedback and comments – would love to hear your thoughts!

Welcome to the blogosphere Sherri!