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CollegeHumor vs. Facebook Beirut Tournament

I thought it was a joke, but check out these balls that CollegeHumor created for the match.

Facebook Balls

I’m sure that there are a ton of other companies who would complete against CollegeHumor… eh hem, Ricky, give our folks a call at the agency and I’m sure they’d be excited to play.  After all, we did finish 2nd in CNET’s Xbox 360 Rock Band Challenge last week.

You Didn't See this Coming?

Caroline McCarthy stated that she was surprised about this recent study…

It’s true, though. Since the debut of Facebook’s developer platform, there has been an onslaught of annoy-your-friends applications like Slide’s SuperPoke and popular gaming apps like Scrabulous. But really “useful” applications have yet to make the same kind of splash, despite a few promising debuts like Six Apart’s Blog It and quasi-promising ones like the “social college application” widget.

Facebook Pointless Apps

99% of Facebook app invites that have been sent to me have been pointless – I don’t want to send cyber-drinks, zombies, or pickles.

Social Networking Rant in NYT

Theodora Stites has written a fantastic article labeled, Someone To Watch Over Me (on a Google Map) which touches upon a half dozen social networking companies who directly impact her life every day. Sites that are realized in the article are:

  • Myspace
  • Friendster
  • Dodgeball – good to see the site/service appear
  • Facebook
  • Nerve * not really part of the list
  • Plazes
  • Fark
  • Geocaching

The most interesting part of the article focuses on why Theodora has multiple social networks. She explains it well, and honestly, it’s fascinating:

WHY, you ask, do I have to be a part of so many online communities? Isn’t it hard to keep track? I need to belong to all of them because each one enables me to connect to people with different levels of social intimacy.

Don’t know you but think I may want you to be part of my network? I’ll contact you through or Nerve. Just met? I’ll look you up on MySpace. Known each other for a while, but haven’t been in touch recently? Friendster message. Friends with my friends and want to get to know you better? Dodgeball or MySpace. Good friends and want to connect more often? Dodgeball. Really good friends? Instant Message.

Anyone involved in the social media space or investment realm should take a look at this article. It may be a bit slapstick or informal, but it does lay out some great thoughts into the social networking realm.

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