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Content Creation

Over the summer, I wrote a post on kids & content consumption.  The post came about because I realized that many of the user generated videos that my 3-year old son was watching on YouTube (via his iPad) had over 6MM views on them. I was shocked that these videos accumulated so many views as it was simply kids and their parents playing with Thomas the Tank Engine trains.

Over the past month, when my son was asked what he wanted for the holidays, he mentioned a few toys that we’d not heard before.  After going thru his YouTube history, we realized that he had viewed short pieces of content put online by both big and small toy stores and manufacturers as marketing content.  He watched some of these videos many times and could now tell us all about them.

We are now in the middle of toilet training.  He’s good with his #1s, but is a bit shy about his #2s.  We promised him that we’d buy him any toy he wanted if he started going #2 on the potty (TMI, I know).  He asked for a very specific truck, one of which I said we can get from Toys R Us, but he quickly corrected me and told me it’s only available at Walmart.  He’s 3 years old.  He’s never been to Walmart (none in the area).

It’s a marketer’s dream.  Walmart had unaided recall from a 3 year old.  I’m long content creation over the next few years.

Creating Content… The Traditional or Non Traditional Way

While taking some time off of working in the office at IGA Worldwide, I was fortunate to spend some time with my girlfriends’ nieces. This past Friday evening after they spent the day at the theatre, we decided to have a Muppet Movie and Floam night. I had no idea what I was about to get into…

Over the past year, I have signed significant contracts with advertisers, raised over $17 million in venture funding, spoke across the world at marketing events, advised multiple startups on advertising and fundraising strategy, hosted a darrenCamp, and posted over 220 lengthy articles to this blog amongst many other things… but nothing this past year challenged my creativity as much as this past Friday night. For 1 hour, I was taken completely out of my comfort zone of entrepreneurship and marketing and was playing on a level playing field with two girls with a combined age of less than half my age. I had to think on my toes more than ever and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.
Floam Small
It was amazing. I had received a box of Floam Critters for the holidays and we the three of us sat around the table (see the picture) and decided what we wanted to create. The older girl took the lead and decided to construct something and went straight at it… but the younger one need some guidance and totally relied on me to help create. I had no experience prior to this but for that moment, I was about to become the expert.

45 minutes later, we had 3 new creatures to add to the animal kingdom, names for them, and other pertinent life info. The animals we created were totally fictional and in a traditional (<1995) or non-traditional (>1996) way, it was absolutely amazing content that we created. The creativity that these girls possessed was remarkable and within 10 minutes, these creatures had real lives… this content really had legs (no pun intended).

According to Dictionary.com, content can be described as: something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts: a poetic form adequate to a poetic content. Since I’ve been wrapped up in reading about all the content creators on YouTube, MySpace, and any other content harvesting website/service, I neglectfully forget that in its’ rawest form, content is created offline. Who still creates content offline? Well, apparently there is a whole world that does… and these girls are the tip of the iceberg. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the web world but we must also keep in mind that the entire world doesn’t exist online all the time… at least, not yet.

A major winner that I’ll predict in the online/offline world is Webkinz. I can’t take the credit for finding this, as the girls have pointed me in the right direction, but this company flat-out gets it. Check it out for yourself, they essentially have created a safe (as safe as possible) virtual world for kids but also sell the dolls that you create in stores around the USA. Content that can be touched online and offline is going to be a very hot area in 2007….

3 of Us