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Writing a Book….

I have always had the inkling to write a book about my experiences. Starting out at 14 years old in the business world is uncommon for most teenagers and being involved in multiple acquisitions before the age of 25 is also pretty uncommon as well. The book that I’ve always thought of writing is for teens and students who are looking for some inspiration, learn the intricacies of starting a business, and to get some knowledge on the ins/outs of entrepreneurship.

Why haven’t I written a book yet? Time. I also am not a great writer by trade… ask any of my friends or colleagues about how many times they’ve edited my documents before they’ve gone out. Sitting down to write 200+ pages is pretty daunting (though if it was a business plan, I could certainly do it… but no business plan should be 200 pages!) and that’s what has kept me away from writing….

I was fortunate to sit down with an entrepreneur today who was talking about a service that allows bloggers to turn their blog postings into books. I have heard of this in the past but it never registered with me. I’ve got quite a bit of content on this blog, most of it relevant, and I could easily edit it down to “book” form with such a service as Blurb or Lulu. There have been over 200 posts on this blog since its inception so there is no shortage of content.

My goal (and New Years Resolution) by end of 2007 is to release a book based on this blog. Though I cover a lot of different topics with this blog, I will work with an editor to make the book cohesive and have it make sense to the reader (and not jump from In-Game Advertising to Startup & Venture Capital). With this said, if you have any topics that you’d like to see covered, or any comments you can send forth about your trials and tribulations about writing a book, I’d absolutely love to hear it.