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5 Marketing Trends & TASC

It was a big press week today with back to back articles in AdAge and AdWeek, two periodicals I highly respect in the advertising industry.

Meet the Five Big Trends Changing Marketing:  This was an article I wrote for AdAge which is based off of The Media Kitchen‘s Menu (2011, 2012 version), a document we release each year that talks about five trends and associated companies that are poised to grow with this trend.

Below are the five trends I highlight and if you want to read the whole article, click here.

  1. Communication across many social platforms will be seamless
  2. Location will play an increasingly important role for targeting
  3. Cross platform plans will be driven by data
  4. Content is marketing and marketing is certainly content
  5. Experiences will be linked across many devices

Technology, Advertising and Startup Council (#TASCNYC):  On Monday, David Berkowitz, Ian Schafer, Mark Silva and I will be hosting the inaugural event for TASC at the Soho House here in New York City.  The goal of the event is for create more of a bond between Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley/Alley through spending time with different startups to help them accelerate themselves.  It’s not a pitch for media budget but rather a business building exercise where we can help these companies position themselves better to work with Madison Avenue.  I’m super excited to be working alongside David, Mark and Ian and look forward to what future events might bring.  You can read much more about #tascnyc here.


… working on a new chapter in this epic

Announced in an article by Brian Morrissey, entitled “Herman Leads Digital at KBS+P” a new chapter in my life has been started.  KBS+P is going through an evolutionary period and I’m excited to be joining some new faces and old friends to help lead the agency in it’s next phase.

My belief is that if you are going to create a sustaining communications experience in 2010+, you are going to require a digital backbone.  I’m not saying that everything has to be digital, but there will be at least some digital involvement and I’m looking forward to help educate internally, externally, and involve myself on many of kbs+p’s client businesses.  If you believe that television, print, radio, OOH are going to become digital in one way or another, which many have already become, then overseeing digital media is a dream job for someone who is a both a big thinker and geek at heart.

I learned at a young age that it takes a village to raise a child and I’m fortunate to not only have my immediate family close to my side, but also an extended family that I’ve met over the past 12 years in business that have all sent me messages through Twitter this morning: @jstylman, @jonsteinberg, @zachrodgers, @donalderyan, @adventurista, @adambain, @thatcherbell, @msg, @dandotlewis, @greenermags, @exchangewire, @johnbattelle, @scottrcrawford, @wmargiloff, @arijacoby, @natsturner, @pubmatic, @anwaraizer, @jonburg, @whitneyhess, @afloam, @davidhonig, @zachcoelius, @seph250, @lmai, @kevinvanlenten, @phineasb, @aaroncoles, @cliqology, @tylerathi5, @guybendov, @rafatali, @zimbalist, @1digitalworld, @vstesin, @chrismasters1, @jlkelly, @yuliz, @fndrsroundtable, @adstruc, @falicon, @davidhelmreich, @pamelaparker, @ericfranchi, @saarpa, @mikeduda, @daveknox, @stbullard, @eporres, @conradlisco, @chrisfralic, @malbonnington, @jonathanmendez, @caro, @clouvi, and of course, @jstnprnll, @sparkle201.

…and the above was just on twitter in a 5 hour period!

The next chapter is going to be filled with topics that I cannot even predict today and am looking towards being inspired from each and every one of you.

Do not ever hesitate to reach out.

To the future,

Internet Ad Spend to Surpass $16 Billion

According eMarketer, a Manhattan based research company, Internet ad spending will surpass $16 billion this year.

The Internet’s increasing popularity is fueling the surge at the expense of traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers, which of late have experienced negligible growth or declines, per eMarketer.

Internet ad spending should continue its impressive growth trajectory in the near future, rising nearly 19 percent versus 1.4 percent for all media in 2007, per eMarketer. Web ad spending is projected to increase 22 percent versus 3 percent for all media in 2008.
There’s plenty of room for growth because marketers still spend only a small proportion of their media budgets online.

This year, about 6 percent of all ad spending will go to the Web; that figure should rise to 8 percent by 2008, surpassing radio’s market share, the firm said.

You can read the full article here in AdWeek.