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Apparently, you're a gamer

The research is in… Nabeel Hyatt points out thru custom research with (a fascinating tool btw) that gaming online garners higher attention than consuming video and content.  I love how the hype of online video and social networks is so prevalant, but gaming is the bastard child of the universe and is constantly there even though no one wants to admit it.

I am referencing a chart that is posted on Nabeel’s blog (there are more), see below:

Gaming isn’t just about gaming.  This is where people sometimes misunderstand the market.  Gaming wraps in every element of the online medium such as social networks, video, and content… the latest games coming out of the top publishers include all of this and/or wrap into other services that provide these things….  Just check out Rapture (social network around WoW)

The gaming landscape is going through a significant transition and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Brands in Second Life? Who knew

Here is a map of brands in Second Life (click the pic for a larger image):

Map of brands in Second Life

Did you know the above brands were in Second Life? Other than a handful of brands that have graced the page sof NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc – most have gone unnoticed, and continue to go unnoticed because most brands aren’t harnessing the virtual worlds strategically. A virtual world campaign is more than just ‘build’ – it’s also: position, market, be contextually relevant, easy to find, etc.

Great find by Mark Wallacehere is some previous ranting about Second Life that I posted a while ago

What Are You Doing This Summer?

I do not know why I waited so long to post this (knew about this a week or so ago), but the Dave Matthews Band released their summer tour dates.  I just got back from seeing them in Las Vegas this past weekend (MGM Garden Arena) and the shows were good.  The setlists were a bit disjointed, but I have a feeling they are going to have a great tour this summer, and get ready for some new songs.

Dave Matthews had a good time on the stage in Las Vegas talking about how each song was about “love, drugs, and death.”  (think, When The World Ends or Tripping Billies)

There is only one date for Saratoga Springs this summer which is a bit disappointing as they usually play 2 nights and I was actually hoping for a 3rd to be added on.  So… which shows are you going to this summer?  Tour dates are here.

Another exciting summer with the boys.

Tonight – WineTable #1 – Apple Inc.

I’m focusing on getting ready for tonight’s innaugural WineTable, which focuses solely on Apple Inc.  For those of you who do not know what a WineTable is, it’s part of darrenSalon which launched early this month to stimulate intelligent digital media and technology conversations here in New York City.

Why is the topic of conversation tonight focused around Apple Inc.?  The simple answer is because I’ve been a loyal and devout Apple/Macintosh fan for most of my life and even wrote a significant academic paper around the 1984 advertising campaign that shook the world.  I am looking to foster conversation about where we feel the company is headed and why… but these are only guestimates and assumptions, but hopefully we can foster debate and come up with some good ideas.darrenSalon Logo

I will be taking notes during this evening and there is a chance we will be digitally recording it as well for audio podcasts for those who want to listen in.  To learn more about darrenSalon and WineTable‘s head over to the official site, and to to take part in the next WineTable which is about Virtual Worlds, sign up over here (make sure you’re registered on

To learn the difference between darrenSalon and a WineTable, read the official FAQ- located here.

New Second Life Stats

It’s been a while since I have posted about Second Life. Here are some new stats from Dr. Jim Purbrick of Linden Lab (Second Life) which were released at the ITV Conference.

* 41% are female
* Median age is 33
* 68% international (as opposed to being US only)
* 10% of residents are from the UK
* 54% active residents are European
* SL is 6.5 times the size of Manhattan
* Approaching 5m members
* 116 residents earn $5000+ a month
* $5m a month exchanged
* 12m user hours per month

40% of People Would Give Up Television….

I’m a huge fan of Interactive advertising, not just Internet advertising. I believe there is a difference between the two, almost in parrallel to saying that a ‘square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.‘ Interactive encompasses anything digital (in-game advertising, RSS, digital OOH, mobile, etc), whereas Internet advertising is just that, Internet.

Piper Jaffray, a leading middle market investment bank released a research report back in February entitled, “The User Revolution” which had some solid statistics for the Interactive advertising world. This world is growing and eventually will dominate all media forms as traditional media (TV, Radio, Print, OOH) are all becoming digital/Interactive.

High level details of the reports:

  • 1. Global online advertising revenue to reach $81.1 billion by 2011.
  • 2. Communitainment: Internet has increasingly become a principal medium for community, communication and entertainment — three areas that have collided and are impacting each other’s growth — generating a new type of activity: communitainment. Communitainment is taking time away from other, traditional, types of content consumption on the Internet.
  • 3. Usites — The increasing popular category of user generated sites, which we are calling Usites, are driving traffic away from other destinations and pose a challenge to the advertisers and publishers.
  • 4. The Internet is now a mainstream medium: The web is the leading medium at work and the second leading medium at home behind television.
  • 5. Internet usage patterns are changing, favoring Usites, communitainment sites, search, and away from traditional portals.
  • 6. User Generated Brands. The consumers are taking control of content consumption and branding.
  • 7. Media Fragmentation: Advertisers increasingly will need to buy more inventory, from nearly all types of media, especially the Internet, to have the desired impact.
  • 8. The Golden Search: search has become the new portal.
  • 9. Google’s dominance is likely to expand, partly fueled by a wide variety of non-search related products that create a virtuous cycle of brand affinity for Google.
  • 10. Video ads will be the driver of the next major growth in brand advertising and getting additional dollars shifted from traditional media to online.
  • 11. Ad networks are experiencing increased demand due to increasing Internet fragmentation, desire for more targeted inventory, increasing usage of networks for branding and increased site visibility.
  • 12. Agencies are rapidly evolving into more sophisticated, technology-savvy entities that combine best of breed offerings.

There is a chart that is referenced on Influx Insights blog this morning from this report as well that shows that 40% of people are willing to give up TV for Internet, up 14% since 2001. This isn’t as high as I’d like to see, but certainly an improvement. For one, I know that I spend a lot of time consuming Interactive media, and only a small percentage consuming television and print.

As people consumer more Interactive media, things will become much more efficient (technology gets involved) and amazing opportunities are created. The Brickhouse at Yahoo, Next New Networks, Haystack, and other emerging Interactive companies will innovate and create tomorrow’s media channels.

Officially Launching darrenSalon

I personally believe that when you bring smart people together and provide an underlying specific topic, a rich and diverse conversation can be ignited. The power of the conversation that is ignited is only as strong as the diversity and intellect of the people contributing. darrenSalon is the underlying online and offline platform for Intelligent Digital Media and Technology Conversations and I’m launching the non-profit platform today.

darrenSalon will host one large gathering in 2007 (85+ people) in New York City that will mimic my previous gathering which was held in the end of 2006. In addition to the large gathering, I will personally host 1 WineTable each month for up to 8 people who will be hand chosen from the pool of people who have registered for the particular WineTable. Registrants will be contacted up to 2 weeks prior to the WineTable to let them know they have been selected and a venue/time will be confirmed.

The WineTables will be based around digital media and technology and will be on one particular subject. Upcoming subjects include (but not limited to): Web 2.0, virtual worlds, semantic web, consumer generated content, future of advertising, DRM, advertisement measurement and quantification, media vs. creative, ubiquitious WiFi, green-tech, and much more.

I encourage you all to register for an account at, and sign up for darrenSalon 2007 (Q3/4 2007) and/or for an upcoming WineTable. You can sign up here.

  • Q. How did the name darrenSalon come about?
  • A. Originally, it was named darrenCamp. Charlie O’Donnell unofficially named my previous gathering darrenCamp and it sort of stuck. I was going to use [darrenCamp] officially until I had dessert with Andrew Sispoidis and he told me that what I really am doing is hosting a ‘salon’ type event. After modifying a bunch of graphics on the site, we now have darrenSalon but you can access the site by typing in or

** please note that this is a non-profit project and I will be doing this in my spare time to further my intellectual development. I will not be leaving my current role at IGA Worldwide Inc., or any other organization.

It's Gettin' Hot In Here: Office Style

I do not watch much television, but when I do, it’s concentrated around the following shows: The Office, Sopranos, Entourage, Las Vegas, and the Wire. When there are good sporting events on that involve the Devils, Yankees, Knicks or tennis, I’m also apt to watch.

I came across this video from LifeInTheOffice, a blog totally dedicated to the television show, The Office. If you’re a fan of the Office, certainly check the video out:


Frustrations With the Concert Ticket Industry

Sherri and I are headed to Las Vegas to see the Dave Matthews Band during the last weekend in March to celebrate my birthday. I am a huge fan of the Dave Matthews Band and have been to 76+ shows (read this post for my history with the band) and I look forward to adding shows 77/78 onto my resume shortly.

The band is going to be playing the MGM Grand though we are staying at The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay as we’re going to make a nice getaway weekend out of the trip and want to stay clear of the slot machines when we can. I feel like I’m a regular to Las Vegas – been there 3 times in the past year and it was wonderful and I’m not even a real gambler.

The tickets went on sale to the event in early December and we carved out 45 minutes of our Saturday morning to make sure we were online 15 minutes early at Ticketmaster to purchase two tickets to each show (Friday/Saturday). We had a fast Internet connection. We were on a super fast computer. We were 15 minutes early to We got through every Captcha correctly. We ended up with nose bleed seats to both shows. How is this possible?!?! We did everything correct. Am I frustrated? Yes, of course! Beggars can’t be choosers… we did get tickets in the end (upper section!) but how come we didn’t get floor seats?

My guess is that the MGM Grand has reserved most of the floor seats (or even 100 Section) for their high-rollers. They may have even presold the tickets to other hotels that could utilize them for their gamblers. But what about the other music fans…the TRUE fans who aren’t in Las Vegas to gamble, but rather to consume an unbelievable concert full of music, lights, and dancing nancies?

The argument some would utilize is that if I was a true DMB fan, it wouldn’t matter where in the venue I sit. Yes, while I appreciate that I could enjoy the show from anywhere, I love sitting up close and interacting with the band and watching them play off of each other. The energy that radiates from the stage is incredible – and that’s why I love the Dave Matthews Band.

There are places I could turn to: StubHub and sites like TickestNow. Do I want to pay over face value? No, not really. This is frustrating… I am coming all the way from New York City to see the show and am a true fan. I played by all the rules and I got left behind. Not fun.

BTW:Â Dave Matthews has a third child on the way – congratulations!

Second Life Statistics… Sharing my research

Second Life LogoI have a whole section on this blog dedicated to virtual worlds as I’m fascinated by what they stand for. When you look at them from a macro lense, they potentially are teasing us as to what the web will become in the next few years. Wow. That’s fairly powerful.

Linden Lab, the maker of the ever popular Second Life has just released some significant raw data about the virtual world. Most people would never find this data but I was tipped off by a friend within the organization and while I thumbed through it, it was hard to follow because of all the numbers. I quickly turned these numbers into charts and pictures – and created a document (SecondLifeStats.pdf) to share with the world.

Who should read this document?

  • Any Second Life residents
  • Any marketers looking to launch some form of campaign/brand within Second Life or any virtual world
  • Futurists
  • People with a lot of time to kill

On a regular schedule, Linden Lab updates their Economic Statistics page which keeps us all informed of the ongoings of their economy. The data below was taken from their 2/6/2007 extraction.

Residents Logged-In During Last 7 Days 326,483
Residents Logged-In During Last 14 Days 487,651
Residents Logged-In During Last 30 Days 787,693
Residents Logged-In During Last 60 Days 1,122,586

The PDF is located here as a free download (~3.9mb), and goes much more in depth and hopefully sheds some light as to the population, currency, demographics, residents, and more. Enjoy it. Feel free to spread the world as well- bloggers, press, and anyone else – but please comment and send me feedback. I really look forward to hearing from you.