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Digital Tidbits on a Sunday evening

I don’t know where time went this weekend but I am enjoying the NY Giants win and watching Eli win a big game.

Got a few digital tidbits on my mind and thought I’d share:

  1. I’ve been obsessing with the term Digital Native lately. The future of our economy and world, essentially, are Digital Natives. There is an entire business ecosystem that exists around Digital Immigrants though. People who were traditionally analog but are shifting to digital.
  2. Since I’ve been watching a lot of football, Subway has broken through the television clutter and is running a fairly decent spot utilizing a football referee. Not bad. It’s very contextually relevant.
  3. I’m NOT at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year as the clutter is tremendous and instead of having 30 second conversations with people which will be forgotten by the time I get back in the office, I’m watching from the sidelines and will be able to digest all the news as it comes out. TechMeme and PaidContent will be littered with news over the next few days about CES and I’ll certainly be clicking through to check them out.
  4. My newspaper is now officially a platform, and that’s Google Reader. Has everything a typical newspaper would have including news, opinion, and advertisements. Just a heck of a lot more relevant to me.
  5. I’m contemplating a new business idea and will post it on the blog shortly but it has to do with the literary space.
  6. Looks like MSFT is following Apple with motion gestures. iPhone.
  7. I’m in the market for a new Plasma/LCD for my bedroom, so Sharp’s new announcement from CES is interesting about widgets on television. Samsung is also putting ethernet on their boxes…
  8. Fascinated by the targeting networks such as behavioral vs. contextual vs. social vs……. Do you have any ad targeting technologies that you’re checking out or using that are amazing? Let me know…
  9. The ski-condo in Vermont that Sherri and I are renting this season doesn’t have Internet. Going analog for a weekend is tough, but doable.
  10. If you haven’t read the Teens and Social Media report and you’re working in digital media, you’re missing something. Check it out.

Last but not least, I received my copy of Meatball Sundae which I ordered a few days ago on and I’m looking forward to reading it. Seth Godin is an author and blogger I highly respect and even traded a few emails with him (as well, as, attended his launch of The Dip in Manhattan and got to speak to him face2face). His books aren’t just entertaining, but challenging. Looking forward to his thoughts on marketing.

Oh yeah, my favorite television show is back on air tonight, The Wire. I’ll be watching…