The Most Important Car America Has Ever Made

I spent late yesterday afternoon with my father at the Tesla showroom in the Westchester Mall.  We left the kids behind and went to seriously look at the Tesla because I’d been reading glowing reviews and I’m, well, a curious car guy.  The picture below is actually my father driving the car.

Tesla Model S PerformanceExpectations were set high for this car due to the reviews and listening to @jason talk about how much he loves his car.  Also the entrepreneurial side of me was unbelievably curious as to how Elon Musk built a car in the USA without being part of the old Detroit boys club.  Building a business without knowing the constraints of the industry, being naive, could be a very good thing, especially when disrupting it.

In one statement, I was blown away by the car.

We test drove a Model S Performance car (pearl white w/19″ tires – winter).  Here is what stood out to me:

1.  Power:  I had no idea that an all electric car could be as powerful as this.  While I knew it was technically possible, I had no idea what to expect.  I thought driving my Audi A7 was fun for a sedan but the Model S Performance car certainly gave it a ride for it’s money.

2.  Seating:  I have two young kids so having the option of the 2 seats in the back of the car is a major plus as it frees up the second row.  This means we can take family and friends along with us because right now, my current car has two car seats in the second row.

3.  Electronics:  Google + Garmin was pretty sweet.   I was used to Google from my Audi but having a 18″ screen in the car is pretty sweet.  This screen can do HD back-up camera, music, tuning, air suspension controls, etc.  It’s gorgeous and love the touch of night vs. daytime lighting.

Downside:   I cannot wrap my head around how much this car will be worth in 3-4 years when I’m likely to move on.  Maybe this is the wrong question to be asking?  But it’s something that I’m noodling and holding me back.

I don’t think this car is revolutionary as it’s still 4 wheels and takes up a parking spot, but I think this car is evolutionary to our automotive world and something that is going to set the standard for the future.  It’s almost like driving the future, today.

I read a ton of online reviews of this car and Road and Track says it best:

“Beautiful, well-crafted, cool, and seriously fast, the Model S isn’t just the most important car of the year. It’s the most important car America has made in an entire lifetime.”