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    My wife and I have this debate often as well (ours are in 3rd and K right now)…she’s much more a believer in traditional education than I am…I continue to say that by the time our boys are of college age it will look nothing like what she thinks of as ‘college’…

    • http://www.darrenherman.com dherman76

      We are in the same boat. I’m really interested in where all of this is heading.

      • http://knowabout.it/ falicon

        Since it’s fresh on your mind, I think you’ll really enjoy today’s XKCD -> http://xkcd.com/1052/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=586578147 Jon Burg

    My wife and I have been discussing this for some time.  With our recent move, we are learning our way through the Israeli educational system, which is an odd push both towards strong skills in math and science, as well as a more free-form approach to other subjects with far more opportunity for the arts.  

    In a country fueled by entrepreneurialism, what role will a traditional degree play in a career (as opposed to two or three years at a tech company)?

    At the same time, look at what’s happening at Yahoo!  Clearly college still matters to many.