David Ogilvy's Awesome Pontification and It's Happening Today (Video + Post)

While I was in the gym this morning, I was watching an eclectic group of videos that ranged in topic from advertising talks thru TEDx random speeches.  One of the videos I viewed is from way back when, the exact date I’m unsure about.  The video is actually of David Ogilvy, who is widely known as the “father of advertising” and he talks about the future of advertising which is happening today on Madison Avenue.

If you watch Mad Men, watch the video.

If you work on Madison Avenue, watch the video.

If you are an entrepreneur who is building advertising or marketing technology, watch the video.

If you are selling media to agencies or marketers, watch the video.

If you are a marketer, watch the video.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

I cannot stress how important this video is to the future of the advertising ecosystem.  I’ve always said that we need to move towards a branded response model where both brand marketing collides with direct response.  Advertising without a call to action is a waste, especially when given the opportunity to have an audience take a measured response.  I wrote quite a bit about that here and something I stressed in this interview amongst many other places..

  • LeeF

    Very powerful video, Darren.  Great find!  Here's another you may find relevant, Lester Wunderman describing the origin of accountable advertising…  http://bit.ly/HsPMOs

  • http://twitter.com/sandieman Rob Sandie

    fist shake pause at the end was most epic. seriously though.. nice video. amazing how brand vs. direct response advertising is finding it's own through the changes in mediums.