Reading It Later – Content Consumption

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post talking about how I was optimizing my content consumption.  I spoke about both and Summify, both of which I continue to use.  Summify was just acquired by Twitter, which I think is a good move for them, however I hope Summify still exists to help users consume beyond Twitter content under their new management.

I’ve started using Read It Later which allows me to save any article on the web and read it at a later time on my iPad or iPhone, amongst other devices.  This is particularly useful when an article is sent to me and I can’t read it at that particular time (for whatever reason) but I save it to read while I’m commuting home or similar.  Read It Later been a great tool/app.

I still think the optimized content consumption world has a long way to go and it’s an area that I’ll continue to watch closely.  If there are any new “Summify’s” popping up, I’d certainly like to hear about them.  You can contact me on twitter or thru my webform.

  • Christopher Regan

    Darren: I’ve started using Spool and it’s just a super tool for ‘reading it later’…

  • Christopher Regan

    Darren: I've started using Spool and it's just a super tool for 'reading it later'…