kbs+ Ventures Portfolio News: Awe.sm, Momentum, Hiring, and Tumblr

We’ve been busy in the office which has been why I’ve posted very little over the past few weeks.  However, below are some of the reasons why I’ve been radio silent.  I’m super stoked about all of this and hope that you are too.  See below.

kbs+ Ventures recently announced our investment in a social analytics (plumbing) company called Awe.sm.  We are super excited about this opportunity as social is going to become increasingly more important into the fabric of everything we do and having the right infrastructure to manage and measure is of extreme importance to brand marketers and agencies.   There has been a ton of articles written up about the launch of Awe.sm so do not hesitate to check them out.

Adaptly Momentum
Today, one of our portfolio companies, Adaptly, launched a service/product called Momentum.  Nikhil Sethi, the founder/CEO of the company said it best in his blog post this morning:  If we continue to base our paid media buys on only the paid media metrics, we are only measuring 1/3 of the value generated. These results leave so much value on the table and we believe there should be a better KPI suited specifically for social. I’m super bullish on companies who cross the paid/owned/earned media landscape and Momentum is a tool in which can measure this for a brand.

There is no shortage of hiring in our portfolio companies.  Most of the companies are hiring talent here in New York City.  If you are a product manager, developer, front end designer, or business development exec and are looking to join well funded private companies that are in the marketing technology space, do not hesitate to reach out.

kbs+ Ventures Tumblr
We officially launched the kbs+ Ventures tumblog.  Lara has been updating the blog for us and it’s chock full of kbs+ Ventures information and pictures (including our 2011 Holiday Salon).

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