Life Recording & me

When I was first asked to blog, I turned it down.

When I was first told about Twitter, I smiled and said no thanks.

When I just read about Life Recorders over on TechCrunch, I said no way.   There was a poll at the bottom on the TC article that asked users to vote whether or not they would use a Life Recorder and the results were astonishing (at least to me).  See pic of the poll below.  Apparently MSFT has been working on a project that is considered one of the first Life Recorders, called SensaCam.

Life Recorders Astonishing may be a big word, but people who would record their life using a small piece of technology make up about 47% of this sample.  Note, this sample has extreme bias towards the technology influencer and geek crowd which is in no way statistically relevant to predict the actual outcome of this.  Still, with the stat-language said, I’m still surprised it’s so high.

As for now, I do not see myself carrying around a device that passively takes pictures at a defined interview nor passively records all sound.   I do however carry my iPhone and one could argue that I currently Life Record with my accounts on Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, Posterous and more, but I only do that actively, not really passively.

However, I didn’t think I’d be on Twitter or have my own blog, so lets re-read this post in 5 years and see if we’re laughing.