Holding Companies and Financial Markets

I was curious to see how the advertising holding companies were weathering the financial storm.  The first chart shows YTD for WPP, Omnicom, MDC, IPG, Havas, and Publicis.

YTD Advertising Holding Companies

The second chart shows month to date (October) for the holding companies.

Month to Date Advertising Holding Companies

Looks like we’re seeing the start of a rebound?  In Dude, Where’s My Ad, an article written on BusinessWeek.com in conjunction with GigaOm, Om Malik speaks about how poorly funded startups who are relying on advertising dollars will fail in the coming months.

The article that Om writes above was spurred by UBS’s Schachter’s analysis of the advertising markets.

  • http://adarky.com Shant H

    I think the point here is that too many startups really don’t have a business model.There will be many that disappear and many that will not get funding.

  • Hugh


    Why does the Publicis data in the first chart flatline from August 08 to present? And in the second chart, I guess it is used as the baseline for the others?

    just wondering. thanks


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