Chrome: Lets Not Drink the Koolaid Yet

A high profile launch with a selectively distributed comic book.  Beta only on the PC.  Blog posts and mainstream articles written up everywhere from the NY Times to TechCrunch and almost every tech blogger who has a keyboard.

I have absolutely no doubt that Chrome is interesting and potentially monumental as it goes beyond a browser and acts as a platform/system for apps.

However, I love how people are starting to show Market Share numbers, such as TechCrunch already at 6.23%.  Clicky Web Analytics has a page that tracks browser usage across 45,000 webpages and it’s showing 2.3% for Chrome.

Lets please keep this in mind:  the folks using Chrome today are the extremely early adopters.  The sample of sites being used for this are in the very “early technology trigger” portion of the Gartner Hype Cycle.

Who visits TechCrunch (think audience) and the 45,000 webpages that Clicky tracks…. yes, you guessed correctly, the early adopters and digerati.

We’re going to see a battle between IE8 and Chrome over the next few months and this may steal the thunder from the App vs. Widget debate of earlier this year.

Lets not blow “Chrome” out of proportions just yet.