Coming to a Phone Near You: The Nigerian Spammer

Apparently, Admob is about to “mint money” as VentureBeat hypes.   Admob has served 30.665 billion worldwide impressions (what is an impression?) which sounds like quite a lot.

Like I’ve said many times previous, mobile marketing using SMS is almost like email marketing in the mid-90s.   Every morning, I receive a Yahoo Weather update (not sure why I do this still as I have an iPhone and “weather” app is built in) and on the bottom of each update is an ad.  Here are a few of them:

  1. *Follow Perf Go Green-Reply PGOG
  2. *Lets-go-Camping@Best Buy!
  3. *Free Wifi @ Courtyard by Marriot

I have no idea what Perf Go Green is, I don’t want to go camping at Best Buy, and I’m not staying at a Courtyard by Marriot anytime soon.

SMS Marketing

As you can see, the “sms marketing” space is a bit crowded… screenshot taken this morning on Google.

Just wait until the Nigerian Spammer starts using SMS marketing.

  • Eric

    The VentureBeat article wasn’t about SMS advertising.

  • Kirsten

    The main thing I’d mention is that you asked for that Yahoo! Weather alert. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as they say, so in order to get that free service, you have to put up with ads in the message. It would be better if the ads were on something that interests you more than the ones you’ve received, but that’s the flip-side of having your privacy protected. Somehow I doubt that many people will want to provide their phone numbers to opt into a Nigerian SMS service!

    Full disclosure: I work for 4INFO, which is the company that places the ads in the Yahoo! text messages you receive. We offer tons of free text message services, but you do get ads along with the text alerts you request. On the bright side, you won’t ever get a text that is just an ad unless you ask for it. The message is always whatever it is you asked for (sports scores, weather, diet tip of the day) with an ad at the bottom.

  • Darren

    Eric, I realize the VentureBeat article wasn’t around SMS, but wanted to bring to light issues I have around SMS.

    Kirsten, thanks so much for reaching out. I totally understand that there is no such thing as free lunch (built many services that take advantage of that) but how can we target these advertisements better?

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