The Music World is Fascinating


Strange thing happened… I was reading the Wall Street Journal during my commute this morning and there was a music article (and recommendation) so I went to find out a lot more about the artist (Girl Talk) as the technology behind the music sounded interesting to me.  Who knew that the business centric WSJ was going to look in-depth at music sampling?

Anyway, I went to check out Girl Talk’s website and it’s pointed to a MySpace page where you can click a link to buy the album.  Following the similar format of Radiohead’s latest release, you can pay whatever you’d like for the album.  I chose to put in $0.00 and on the next screen, the band asks why I was not inclined to pay but they still allowed me to download the album.  Screen shot below… though this was very interesting.

The data they get from this is invaluable.  I’d love to see the breakdown of what people say.