Social Media Report: Analysis on Deals

PaidContent has released their second installment of their Social Media Deals Report.  The team has analyzed a 15 month period starting January 2007 and reports on estimated value, categories, and trends.  You can order the report here.

Below is a chart and some statistics from the report:

VC Investments:
— Total number of investments: 400
— Total number of disclosed investments: 341 valued at $2,763,715,000
— Average investment size: $8,104,736
— Best estimated value of overall investment in the space (disclosed and undisclosed): $3,074,215,000 total invested

— Total number of acquisitions: 131
— Total number of disclosed acquisitions: 41 disclosed valued at $13,422,310,000
— Average acquisition size: $327,313,415

Social Media Charts

  • Philip James

    Darren – I love the differences that the charts show between whats invested and whats sold. What makes ‘services’ so large? Is that a few major deals, or really that the market is more prone to service acquisitions?

    I’m guessing its a few, or a single, large acquisition – with the average acquisition size over $300m its certainly skewed.