Digital Wednesdays: Back in Action

Blogging around here has been light due to the fact that I’ve been analog the last week as we took some much needed R&R time down in Aruba. I had never been there before but would certainly go back.  For those interested in the trip, read some of Sherri’s postings at HermanWeb or check out the pictures.

My main source of digital media news was TechMeme.  I’ve realized that this site has quickly become my quick fix for many things important to me.  I realize this site aggregates a hand selected and sometimes biased group of postings, but I didn’t have time to read through every one of my RSS feeds.  Actually, I could not tell you the last time I have read my RSS feeds.  So much for personalization.

A few articles/topics have stood out in my mind based on the recent news and I’ll highlight and link to a few here, before I start my day catching up on email and phone calls in the office.

iPhone – I’m probably the ten millionth person to speak about this device.  It’s important for the future of computing, not just phones.  I don’t think of the iPhone as a phone but rather a mobile computer.  Thinking of the iPhone in this nature is hard to do consistently, but when you do, it opens up a world of possibility for applications and the like.  Apple should be announcing the next version of the iPhone next month and I’m sure it’s going to excite quite a few people.

Multitouch PC – natural input, coming soon to a PC near you.  Well, maybe not in the very short term, but relatively soon.  This is extremely important for the roadmap of the evolved PC.  We’ve been using the same i/o devices since these computers hit the mass consumer in the early/mid 80s.  Advertising opportunities around the multitouch software could be vast.

TechCrunch Statistics – I’m becoming more and more of a numbers person and find this post all about TechCrunch to be extremely interesting.  If I was Alley Insider, PaidContent, Center Networks, ReadWrite Web, or any other digital media/technology site, these stats may be extremely relevant to me as I can then benchmark my site to see how it’s performing.  One area that was interesting to me was that of the  posts by weekday & words per post.  I’ve highlighted one of their graphics below so you can see:

TechCrunch Postings

Facebook OpenSource / Arms Race –  ReadWriteWeb labels this the “Social Networking Arms Race” which I find pretty humorous.  Hopefully, what will ‘net’ out of this arms race is a real commitment to data portability.

Why Websites Suck: Google Analytics Style – The full article doesn’t do much justice, but the notion of HIPPO is very important here.  Highest paid person’s opinion.

A little excerpt:

Avinash Kaushik thinks one of the reasons why so many websites “suck” today is because of the hippo — as in the “highest paid person’s opinion.”

And, yes, you’re likely a hippo — a successful advertising executive, CMO or brand manager, pulling in a six-figure income, often found pontificating about what does and doesn’t work online. You use tried-and-true metrics such as unique visitors and click-through rates to decide on the best design for your landing page or what content is best suited on your product site.