Small Bad Things (Time Management)

Email overload is never fun and I’ve have my fair share of it along with some other friends.  Aside from email, work can be strenuous as well, as it is currently due to many projects I’ve got on my plate.  Due to all of this work and email, how many times has this ruined plans or upcoming vacations?

Take a peek at this article by Timothy Ferriss, entitled, The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve certainly had a hard time letting go.  I do have a telephone rule in place that I setup two years ago, but for the most part, I’m guilty.  I do like what Timothy is mentioning though and would agree with some of it.

My telephone rule is the following:

My mobile phone (main number other than my office work phone) is on silent for the entire day/night.  I check it periodically (once in the morning and twice in the afternoon) for messages.  If I didn’t do this, I’d be on the phone the entire day.  This has been working great for me the past two years and if someone needs to get in touch with me immediately, they know how to be resourceful and find me.