Total Speculation Post: Virtual Worlds

Sony has launched Sony Home, their virtual world enabling their community of users to interact with each other in a “game like” setting.  Apple is now toying with opening a store in Second Life (speculation).  Will this mean that ultimately, they will acquire Second Life and roll it out as their communications platform for their computers?  Will it be the next iteration of iChat?

One thing that we have learned is that people do not have have time to manage identities in multiple virtual worlds at the same time. If you are engaged in Habbo Hotel, then chances are, you don’t have time for Second Life.  If you’re playing World of Warcraft, then you may not have time to utilize IMVU.  Also, many of the previous brands who have released their wares into Second Life have all abandoned them after it being all the hype (front page of NY Times, etc).

I’m curious to see how this plays out.   What are your thoughts?

  • Douglas Karr

    Marketers and technologists are an arrogant bunch. We think that if this new technology brings more eyeballs, all we have to do is build the technology and the eyeballs will follow.

    The truth is that the folks aren’t there because of the technology – they are there because of the network and the people. Aside from Nascar and the NFL (where it’s still ‘people’), there are very few brands that can attract a network – regardless of how cool the technology is.

  • jon burg

    Apple will not purchase Linden Labs or Second Life. It just doesn’t fit their brand.

    Apple is about simplicity of design, and design for purpose and aesthetic. Second Life is none of those things.

    I could see Apple distributing an iTunes playlist in Second Life, as this is a social behavior in a social medium. Beyond this, I see little real opportunity for Apple in the near term.

  • nicole

    I play second Life most of the time it is great but other times it doesn’t work correctly…… but in all it’s nice to meet new people on the interet from all walks a life……