Made up Words of Web 3.0

Dave Armano has the top 10 web 3.0 words listed on his site and I’ll admit, while I’ve heard a few, I’d not heard the majority.  Some great words though… but will promise they won’t start appearing in my presentations (I hate buzzwords).

1. Socialstainable
The act of socially conscious and sustainable conversations, interactions and recycled linking.
“Is your blog socialsustainable?  Mine is”  “How can our marketing be more socialsustainable?”

2. Viruseful.
Viral marketing initiatives that are actually useful.
“Not only did Shave Everywhere make me laugh—I was able to configure and purchase my new electric razor online”

3. Scrollax
Long form Ajax powered Web pages that scroll.
“Non scrolling Flash Web sites are DEAD. We need more dynamic Scrollax in this design”

For the full list, click here.

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