Google Should Be Split Into Seperate Entities

All good things must come to an end some time
But don’t burn the day away
Don’t burn the day away.

Come sister, my brother
Shake up your bones, shake up your feet
I’m saying open up
And let the rain come flooding in
Wash out this tired notion
That the best is yet to come

Pig, by Dave Matthews Band

I thought that the above quote is relevant for today’s breaking news as reported by AlleyInsider and PaidContent amongst other sites re: Google.  ComScore is reporting that clicks from Google Search has been flat (year over year) and potentially down sequentially.  If you’ve been following Google’s stock price, you’d see that it’s down about 7.11% as of writing this midday Tuesday.

My take:  We’ve set the expectations so great for Google (as reflected in their stock price) that eventually, at some point in time, this great American uber dream of a company is going to fall flat.  Every single company in the world, including Berkshire Hathaway (VERY different from Google) has experienced tough times (’98-’00).

Google makes a lot of money in search but is looking to grow their pie in other areas of media including games, print, display, video, radio, television, mobile, and more.  They’ve made quite a few acquisitions to bolster themselves in these areas, but just like any other company in the market, they are going to have to wait until spending increases in these areas in order to capture any meaniningful marketshare (and revenue).

Should Google split off it’s search unit and seperate out everything else?  That’s a thought…  what is your take?
Also, take note of Goldman’s statement of big media slowdowns, though with the upfronts looming (though many brands may be sitting out), we may see quite a few dollars being spent.

This post opened with a quote from the song Pig, by Dave Matthews Band.  The quote ends by saying, “the best is yet to come…” – I’m excited for whatever that may be.