Spock: Whose Party is This?

I feel like I was just invited to a party by a few trusted colleagues but I don’t know what house I’m at and why I’m there.

Does anyone know a bit more about Spock? It says they are in beta and have taken some funding, but other than that, I’m not sure why I’m using it. Here is my official Spock profile, but I’m not even sure why I need it.

I was talking with my friend Lee earlier and he’s also in the dark as to the point of Spock.

Anyone want to explain? This isn’t a bad thing: this intrigues me.

Spock – if you’re out there, please reach out here and lets talk about what you guys are doing.

  • Florent Peyre

    I must say that I’m also completely in the dark. Other than a great way to burn inefficiently time from my desk, I can’t figure out how it works. Clearly, it does a vertical search on your name through the Google / Yahoo etc. But other than that and add tags, no clues.
    Also, I agree with Peter Kafka of SAI, it’s enough time to keep up to date FB, LinkedIn and its likes.

  • http://www.marketersstudio.com David Berkowitz

    I’m really excited that Spock’s starting to break out, and I’ll be writing a column on it soon. First of all, it’s profile aggregation and management, which can be useful on some levels. What’s different with Spock is that anyone can contribute to your profile – adding tags, voting on them, voting on pictures, etc – and both you and others can vote on the most relevant labels. It’s basically people search + community SEO + reputation management. And those people who are ‘power users’ of Spock have more of a say with their votes. I think it has a ton of potential.

  • http://spock.com/maia Maia

    Hi Darren,

    David pretty much nailed it – Spock is a people search engine powered by our tag extraction technology and community contributions.
    Kathy Jacobs wrote a good overview here: http://www.lockergnome.com/callkathy/2007/12/21/spock-not-the-star-trek-one-the-search-engine-one/ and Search Engine Land also wrote up an informative article: http://searchengineland.com/070919-162922.php

    If you have any specific questions, you can ask them here, or ask me directly at maia@spock.com