Apple's Cash Pile

Apple is sitting on a lot of cash right now and sounds as if they will be sitting on a lot more after this successful holiday season.  Lots of people are trying to figure out where they should spend it and I’m going to add my two cents in as well since I’m a loyal fan.

Customer Service

Apple should be ready to spend on customer service.  Not all $15 billion, but a solid amount.  Why?  Apple is playing way outside their comfort zone now and as their marketshare increases, so does their customer issues.  A small company can have remarkable customer service, but not many large companies do as it’s difficult to scale.  Nordstrom = fantasticVerizon = terrible.  If Apple really wants to win the war and not repeat a Dell Hell, invest quite a bit of money into the customer service infrastructure.

  • Doug

    Apple should certainly consider investing some money into customer service. A solid $100 million would be more than enough I would think (based on what other companies of their size are spending) and the changes would probably be pretty significant.