The Kid's Human

I’m human. You’re human. Zuckerberg is human. Not every decision we make on a daily basis can be the correct one and we’re seeing a side of Facebook that we’ve never seen before.

When you’re the leader, there is only one place to go from there: down. It is unbelievably hard to sustain a leadership position over time and Facebook is learning that. It’s back to reality.

I’m no different. I’ve made terrible mistakes and I’ve made great decisions. The one thing that I’ll say is that we must learn from our mistakes and not make them again.

If I was at Facebook or was part of the management team, I would seriously consider bringing in a world class digital media marketing maven to help create goodwill with the marketing community. This could help save face with the advertising community.

Overall though, I think we’re all just looking for a reason to bring Facebook down (think Walmart, MSFT, Nike), but they did make a fundamental mistake.