Armano's post on blogging

Any marketing maven knows there are 4 Ps’ of marketing….product, price, place, and promotion.  I’ve even argued that they exist in the virtual world as well.

Dave Armano (VP, Experience Design @ Critical Mass and A-list blogger) laid out the 4 C’s of blogging in one of his latest postings.  I have linked to his picture below which shows a very clear graphic representation:

4C's of Blogging

Check out David’s post as it goes into detail about each.  Fantastic read.  I try to follow everything to a “C” :)

  • Douglas Karr

    I think there’s a 5th P to marketing that has erupted in recent years: Privacy.

    As for the 4 C’s, I had a similar adaptation: the Blogging Triangle:

    I do believe Community is a huge piece that I’m missing… perhaps even the center of it all!