Apple & Casual Gaming?

Apple LogoWatch out XBOX Live, Apple will be releasing it’s own gaming platform through Apple TV according to a recent posting on AppleInsider. I am very excited about this because the last time I used my Apple to game was for Oregon Trail, Duke Nukem, and Pax Imperia.

Apple TV’s future as a casual gaming platform

PopCap Games, the first authorized iPod game developer, has reportedly lured Microsoft’s Greg Canessa to head up its console and handheld divisions as the vice president of video game platforms.

In an interview with Wired, Canessa, who gave birth to Xbox Live Arcade during his time at Microsoft, singled out Apple TV as a platform he expects to embrace casual gaming over the next five years.

As part of his new position, Canessa said he will be “taking the stable of franchises and games out of PopCap’s studio and adapting, customizing it for different platforms — adding multiplayer, new play modes, HD, customizing the user interface and display for Zune, ipod, Apple TV, Nintendo DS, PSP.”

“[Casual games] are going to continue to grow into non-core demographics,” he added. “This is relevant as it pertains to devices that are not currently earmarked as gaming devices: mobile, set-top boxes, Apple TV, MP3 players and other devices in the home that will reach the non-gamer – people who don’t think they want to play.”