Art of the Start Conference – Video on Funding a Startup

I was reading Guy Kawasaki’s blog when I came across a recent video from the Art of the Start Conference, a conference hosted by Garage Technology Ventures. The video shows 4 different VC’s talking about all different topics including valuation, founders roles, the business plan, and other useful information. If you’re an entrepreneur or at an early stage company and or thinking about getting your idea off a napkin and executed, take a peak at the video.

Panelists include:
Daniel Ahn, Managing Director – Woodside Fund
Susan Mason, General Partner – Onset Ventures
Chris Moran, General Manager – Applied Ventures
Warren Packard, Managing Director – Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Ian Sobieski, Founder and Managing Director – Band of Angels Fund

Check out the video here.

  • Clay

    Great find!